Noble Determination

Iorgen was the uncle of Dáin II Ironfoot, Lord of the Iron Hills. He was honored to serve his nephew by watching over the Castle of Amli.


Iorgen was a noble, not just in name, but also in his heart. Taking care of the residents of his small castle was always a priority to him. He generally led a quiet life.


One evening, as Master Iorgen was dining with his close relatives, he was told of how one of his cousin’s sons, Thalni, had disappeared. Apparently Thalni had been in Esteldin doing some routine chores in the crafting hall when he was swayed by an elf promising mystical ways to enhance physical combat masteries. He had apparently followed the elf out of Esteldin, and no one has heard from him since.


After Iorgen and his tactical advisors poured over the maps of Eriador, they formulated a plan to form a search party for the wayward Dwarf. His advisors strongly advised that Iorgen remain at Castle Amli. They thought he was too “aged” to make the difficult journey. Iorgen wouldn’t hear such nonsense and scolded them.


Back in his private chambers, Master Iorgen gazes into the fire and tries to think about what is going on. What is this “mystical power” that this strange elf speaks of? It did not sit well with the wise old dwarf.


Iorgen’s concentration was broken when one of his guards came to inform him that the search party had left without him. The poor soldier tried to convince Iorgen that they were simply looking out for his welfare, but Iorgen gave him a lecture, ending with “I’ll show them what this old dwarf can do!”


Iorgen takes off for Eriador, leaving Castle Amli behind and not looking back.


After making the arduous journey to Eriador, Iorgen had asked everyone he came across if they had seen a dwarf resembling the description of Thalni. He finally got a lead…


Finally, he found the wayward dwarf, injured, but by what, he could not tell. Thalni’s eyes were glazed over, but even so, Iorgen could tell they were filled with shame and sorrow. Iorgen gently carried the injured dwarf to his ram and took him to the nearest town for recuperation.


Thalni, though certainly not himself, still had enough strength to convey to Iorgen what he had seen about a maze of underground tunnels with certain “hot spots” of mystical energies. The elf who led them there called herself “Lady Gweleth”. Thalni had followed her from Esteldin to the Lone lands where he caught up with her and remained in her company ever since. His mind had been foggy when they went into these tunnels on an expedition, but something went wrong, and he couldn’t remember what happened. Iorgen resolved to find out.


Arriving at the coordinates of the tunnel maze entrance, Iorgen is horrified to see the abandoned remains of deceased dwarves. “What manner of evil resides in here?”


As Iorgen explored the vast complex of caverns and tunnels, he could feel internal strength building within. He started to become concerned that he was falling prey to a nefarious source of ancient evil, and in an effort to keep himself safe from this influence, he resolved to remain a humble servant of his people and his King.


His search brought him to rooms which had elven decor, of course in ruins now. “What manner of elven complex is this?”


Before he could continue his thoughts, he was attacked by a goblin! Iorgen wasn’t armed, but he was strong… “C’mon you, let’s see what you got!”


Unfortunately, the goblin attacker was soon joined by other goblins crawling out of the darkness, and soon the noble dwarf found himself in a position where he knew he couldn’t win.


After stripping Iorgen of his helm, the goblins locked him up in a cell. Iorgen wasn’t sure to consider it a blessing that they didn’t kill him outright, or curse because they had some insidious plans for him. All he knew was his whereabouts were only known to the injured Thalni, and no one else knew where he was presently recuperating. Would Thalni recover in time to summon help for the Master of Castle Amli? Only the Maker knew…

Head: Ceremonial Himhar, Washed
Shoulders: Ceremonial War-Captain’s Shoulders, Purple Dye
: Tattered Robe of the Dunland Sage, Purple Dye
Hands: Gauntlets of the Sunlands, Purple Dye
Feet: Raddir’s Heavy Boots, Purple Dye
Back: Wizard’s Cloak of the Rider, Purple Dye

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  1. Thanks! Gosh, these stories are getting longer and longer… and I need to organize them into a timeline or something. Ugh, tech work.

    Brrrriiiiaaannnnnnnn *makes puppy eyes*

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