Celwynn’s Dilema

Celwynn stretches and lets out a big yawn. She woke up earlier than usual, mostly out of excitement of spending the day with her beloved Aelerich on the first anniversary of their relationship.


“Ah, what a beautiful morning it is today! Too bad he already went on his morning run… I wanted to surprise him at his flat!”


After waiting for a couple of hours, Celwynn starts to actively look for Aelerich since he had not yet returned. After asking several of the Bree locals, she was told by one of the grocers that he grabbed a quick breakfast and said he was heading off to Thorin’s Hall.


“What in the world is he doing THERE, amongst all those… DWARVES.” Celwynn didn’t trust the dwarves… something about an old family feud. At any rate, she was completely perplexed as to why Aelerich would go all the way out to Ered Luin at all on this day, their first anniversary.


After a long journey across Eriador, Celwynn pauses at the foot of the stairs of Thorin’s Hall before going inside to look for Aelerich.


Celwynn is frustrated by her perceived lack of hospitality by the dwarven guard. “Can’t you tell me anything about Aelerich at all?” Refusing to break his watchful gaze on the Hall, the guard snapped that she should go talk to Dwalin, Master of the Hall.


As Celwynn approaches Master Dwalin, she thinks to herself “You are kidding me… what are you doing all the way up there? Isn’t it drafty? “


After finding out Aelerich volunteered for some silly “diplomatic guard duty” for the dwarves, Celwynn takes her anger out on poor Dwalin. “Look you stinky little man, this is our first anniversary, and if I find out he was coerced into this, I will have Elrond himself come down here and teach you a lesson!”


“OOOoooohhhhh” Celwynn’s really upset. She should lay off the coffee.


“Ghallag ol’ boy, I don’t care if your horseshoes scuff up their precious polished marble floor… no more Miss Sweetness! We’re going to find Aelerich!”


“Ah great, it’s getting dark… we’ll never make it back to Bree for dinner…”


Celwynn finally finds Aelerich, standing guard like a common soldier at one of the outer doors in the complex near Thorin’s Hall. “Why are you doing this? You are a Captain for crying out loud… And your explanation…?”


Celwynn couldn’t believe what she was hearing… “You FORGOT our anniversary? That’s it… that’s the last straw… GOODBYE!”


Celwynn hops onto Ghallag and rides off, but something still tugs at her heart…


Celwynn pauses at the outer gate of the Thorin’s Hall complex, and breaks down. She wiped her eyes and looked up at the dwarf statue, which somehow seemed to be pointing her back toward her beloved.


But with all the broken dates, and now this, Celwynn just couldn’t take it any more. The heartbroken elf sniffled and steeled herself, thinking herself strong while only burying her feelings. She turned her horse around and rode away. “What do dwarves know anyway…”

Chest : Jacket of the Shade Finder, Rose Dye
Head: Wide-Brimmed Spring hat, Rust Dye
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Wandering Bard, Rust Dye
Hands: Pever-Durnvol, Rust Dye
Legs: Embroidered Silk Leggings, Purple Dye
Feet: Coblaith’s Slippers, Sienna Dye
Back: Simbelmynë Cloak, Sienna Dye

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