Gweleth has mastered the fine art of runic studies, but she seeks power beyond that which she understands. After being courted by a traveler who said he was from Imlad Morgul, she was fascinated by his stories of communing with the craven, thus providing Sight that was available only to an elite few. Here, Gweleth performing a ritual dance to attract the craven, and she believes she has received a vision.


After receiving her “vision”, Gweleth tries to persuade the locals of Esteldin to follow her into Angmar to embrace a “true vocation” in the perfection of both physical might and tactical power.


Some of the locals don’t care for Gweleth’s message, and they try to run her out of the settlement. She tries to soothe them by telling them it was just an innocent misunderstanding, and that they could form a strong army in Angmar under her direction simply for the benefit of the free peoples.


After the unfortunate failure to rally the troops at Esteldin, Gweleth believes that a more subtle plan would work to recruit people to her cause. She learns how to create dark runes, a practice which was somehow connected to the avatars of ancient evil. She tried to calm her own misgivings about the source of the runic black arts by telling herself they would bring peace and prosperity to the free peoples if used properly. And to her, that’s all that mattered. And now to find someone to guide her…


There was something about being in the presence of Sauramon that made Gweleth go weak in the knees. Was it awe? Or pure dread? She could not tell. All she knew was that she was being sent on a personal mission for the wise majar…


Racing to the lone lands, Gweleth could feel the adrenalin pulse through her body. She never felt more important in her life…

Head: Scout’s Weathered Leather Helmet, Washed
Shoulders: Gleaming Shoulders of Might, Black Dye
: High Herald’s Armour, White Dye
Hands: Elegant Silk Gloves, White Dye
Legs: Embroidered Silk Leggings, White Dye
Feet: Elven Leather Boots, Black Dye
Back: Reveller’s Gilded Cloak , Black Dye

By lotrowardrobeold Posted in Female

5 comments on “Misdirection

  1. ROFL!! Well… she’s actually going to go face to face with another one of the characters already mentioned… drama drama drama!!

  2. That really looks like a good female sage type outfit. The dress is very beautiful and I thought that you did a great job with the hat, which strikes me as a difficult hat to work with properly.

  3. Also, I am excited to find out what happens next to her. She is not headed in a good direction. The rangers will not be happy when they find out.

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