Caelean’s Vocation

“Well… it seemed like a good idea at the time…” Caelean started to have second thoughts about coming to see her father’s best friend, a dwarven armourer in Thorin’s hall. At least he accommodated her request that she not look like a giant tin can. Still… metal pinches. “Too bad Fjorn couldn’t do anything about that, but at least he was able to craft the armour in my favourite color!”


Caelean practices the moves that Fjorn teaches her. She started to think she could get the hang of this! (Pinching metallic clothes, notwithstanding…)


Her first assignment… graveyard shift on the top of a rainy mountain in the middle of nowhere. “I was looking for adventure, but this guard duty is the pits.”


Caelean tries to stay awake… “Oooh is that a bug? Aha, I’ll get you now, little bug!”


“EEEIIIiiiyyyyeeeeee” Caelean let out an involuntary squeal and luckily dodged a swipe from the little bug’s apparent protector, a much MUCH larger bug… Oh dear, what has our unlikely heroine got herself into…?


After running away from Weathertop, Caelean goes back to Thorin’s hall to complain. Fjorn, a very patient dwarf, reassures her that fighting giant bugs (and other unpleasant creatures) is much easier with a shield. She’s not particularly happy about having to lug the thing around, but she trusts the old family friend. Now she just has to learn how to use the unwieldy thing…

Head: Circlet of Men, Washed
Shoulders: Sellsword Shoulder Guards, Sea Blue Dye
: Treasure-Hunter’s Armour, White Dye
Hands: Hall General’s Gauntlets, White Dye
Legs: Leggings of Loyalty, Sea Blue Dye
Feet: Brushed Leather Boots, Sienna Dye
Back: Elf-Lord’s Cloak, Sea Blue Dye

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7 comments on “Caelean’s Vocation

  1. LOL. Hopefully the shield will make her feel safer with the much larger bugs.

    Actually, some of the middle-earth insects would freak me out >.>

    • Oh yeah, just wait till she meets some of those drooling trolls… ewwww… and she gets mad when she gets mud on her boots or breaks a fingernail!

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