Searching for Answers

While investigating the tombs under the Forsaken Inn, Archaeologist Kyleigh found some ancient runes which bore the crest of her family. The problem is that the runes also speak of an ancient darkness, and how these tombs are reserved for those who embraced it.


“Now why would our crest be emblazoned on these runes? Maybe I made a mistake in translation… Hopefully I have made a mistake…”


Determined to find the history of the ancient runes, Kyleigh asks around the local settlements to see if anyone had heard about them. Most of the locals would hurry away after hearing Kyleigh’s story. Only one would speak to her, and even then, Kyleigh could see the woman was strained. She provided directions to an apparently unmarked grave, and then turned on her heals and walked away before Kyleigh could ask any more questions.


Kyleigh readies her pick to excavate for possible answers that may help her understand her family’s mysterious past. She didn’t understand the relevance of being sent to dig up an unmarked grave, but she was about to find out…


Head: Adventurer’s Hat, Sienna Dye
Shoulders: Threadbare Cloth Shoulderpads, Sienna Dye
: Thornley’s Robe, Rose Dye
Hands: Gloves of Fem, Sienna Dye
Feet: Brushed Leather Boots, Sienna Dye
Rune-Satchel: Basic Rune-Satchel of Dagor, Rose Dye

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