Citizen Aelerich

Aelerich sheds his Captain uniform for civilian clothing after he decides to abandon his ambitions in hopes of regaining favour of his beloved.


“I’ve made my decision, and there is no looking back! I will find her!”


Since Aelerich had to surrender his Captain’s steed, he runs to the hometown of his beloved to seek her out.


Hearing that his beloved has taken up arms to fight in the dangerous Dunlands, the pensive Aelerich must find passage to that distant land. It will take time, but he must find her, no matter how long it takes…


Shoulders: Shoulders of the Helmingas
: Threadbare Cloth Shirt, White Dye
Hands: Gloves of the Eorlingas
Legs: Rough cloth leggings, Washed
Feet: Boots of the Eorlingas
Back: Cloak of the Helmingas

By lotrowardrobeold Posted in Male

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